List of the Best Fruit Machine Games 2021


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  2. What are fruit machine slots?
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Legends never die. Even though it is considered to be that fruit machine slots were the only option for the gamblers in the very beginning, they remain popular now as well. As a result, if you love slots that have something to do with fruits, then these games were certainly made for you.

In this review we want to acquaint you more with fruit slots in terms of how to play them and take the maximum out of playing. After that we name the most popular fruitmachines with high payouts and big winning chances. So, stick with us if you are interested in it. We are going to cover a lot of ground today. Let us get started.

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What are fruit machine slots?

As the name suggests these games implies fruits in its base. Yes, you got it right, usual fruits such as oranges, bananas, apples, cherries, to mention but a few, or even it is better to say lucky fruity numbers can bring you not only enjoyment and fun, but also some money.

If you are a true pioneer of 3-reel slots, the first thing that should come into your mind is fruity machines. Because these games were the only and the most popular option for players at the beginning of gambling era. Moreover, for a long time they were available at real land-based casinos exceptionally, then they appeared in an online mode and everything changed since then.



First of all, fruity slots machines have gained a lot of popularity mainly thanks to their simplicity. They are so easy to play. So it is no matter what kind of experience you have you can start playing at any time you want to. There are no multi paylines to mix up your attention or advanced bonus codes and wheels while playing. It is considered to be simple chance slots with delicious fruit-themed games.

Then we want to pay attention to such pioneer lovers, who just want to nostalgize at playing fruit slots as it was a long time ago in a real land-based casino. It happens because these games were the only option available when gambling era started. Now, all this variety can be played online, which lets you feel this amazing atmosphere of old days.

Last but not least, it is considered to be that fruit slot machines will keep your attention all day long while playing because of the brightness and appealing themes they have to offer. Believe it or not, but these juicy fruits make the game so entertaining that it is easy to not keep a track and spend hours on them.


Best games to choose from

As any other slots, fruity machines can be divided into two categories. The first one is about classic and traditional 3-reel slots with a couple of paylines for your simplicity. These games are suitable for those who do not like risking and are here to get enjoyment while playing.

It is obvious that this selection is almost the same when it comes to different software providers. However, we have a list of the most renowned giants to pay your attention to. It comprises everything from Play and Go, 12 Gaming, Microgaming, Novomatic, to mention but a few.

When it comes to games themselves the most popular ones are Hot Chance, Mystery Joker and Classic Fruit, to name but a few. Let us dive into each of them to get the gist of what these slots have to offer and which one to choose from.

In our opinion, one of the world-class fruit machine slots is a game called Hot Chance. We can say that it is a very popular fruity symbol slot for true pioneers of gambling world. You will play with 3 reels and have 5 pay lines at your disposal. Of course, in this way you will not win life-changing rewards, but it also has some attractive welcome bonus packages with no deposit code available in this slot. It means you will have an opportunity to trigger a bonus and free spins on the screen during this game. And, finally, your aim in Hot Chance is to fill nine positions with a particular fruity symbol. Once you do it, you will be eligible to get 8x winnings.

The next fruity-themed game is Mystery Joker. In the same way as the previous slot features it has 3 reels and 5 pay lines at your disposal. The rule of this game is as simple as possible. You just need to gather a number of particular fruits to win fantastic prizes. To put it simply, when you see lemons, apples, grapes, cherries on your screen it will mean a great prize compliment for you as a player.

What is more, it is no matter what kind of experience you have. This particular slot will be suitable both for novices and experienced players to boost up their entertaining level at times. If you see Cherry or Lemon symbols you will receive 10 bonus money, if you are lucky enough and it will be Grapes symbols a lucrative 30 bonus will be yours.

Another game we can recommend playing is Classic Fruit. We can assure that you will not stay indifferent with its appealing appearance and gaming interface in general. You will certainly not get bored with these bright fruit symbols. Moreover, as the name suggests this slot is considered to be a simple game with 3 reels and 5 pay lines displayed in one video.

As we have mentioned before, this game differs from others by its distinctive high resolution quality of graphics. When we free play it we have managed to receive $30 in just 40 spins. Even though the winnings were not life-changing ones, we could increase our bankroll with some confidence. So, it is obviously a good chance to boost up your balance at times, raising bets from time to time.

One drawback of this fruity slot is that there are no special bonuses and promo codes like free spins or reward games. However, if you play well enough, all these bonuses will not be necessary. With Classic Fruit you will be entertained for a long time, spending hours by playing.

Last but not least, the good thing about playing this fruit machine is high winning chances. To put it simply, all you need to do is to get a special winning combination with just two symbols. It means you will be less likely to receive a losing spin and win something even though it will not be an enormous amount of cash.

As you remember, in the beginning we have mentioned that all the games are divided into two categories. So, the second one is about more advanced 5 reel fruits machine slots with higher probability of winning. Just imagine, you can play all the games we have talked about before but with more paylines and fruity symbols.

As a result, there is no matter what your choice will be, because playing both 3-reel slots and video slots will give you much fun and enjoyment.


Online casinos with a great variety of fruit slots

Even though fruit slot machines have something to do with old-school games available only at land-based casinos, there were some changes related to them over the past several years. We are about their transformation to online platforms and their popularity for that period of time. A bit earlier in this review you have had an opportunity to read about the most world-class and highly used slots available in many gambling platforms. Now our aim is to mention the most renowned online casinos with such popular fruit machine slots.

The first place is taken by All Slots online casino. If you are an experienced gambler you most likely have heard about it. So, we will stop only with a point related to lucrative fruit slots they have to offer. This casino has a whole list of online slots comprising everything from standard 3-reel slots to more advanced 5 and even 6-reel games to choose from. Many online wheels of fortune look genuinely fruity and delicious, but combine the traditional fruit symbols with other ones, providing a variety of themes to excite any player.

Another platform to scratch your itch at fruity slots is Video Slots casino. If you are looking for simple slot machines to try your luck then you have come across the right place. This casino introduces an enormous quantity of fruit slots from such a renowned software provider as Microgaming.

This gambling platform boasts that even playing online in 3-reel fruit machines you can reach a maximum win of over 2000 promotions like in a land-based casino.

Despite such a quantity, Video Slots casino is also proud to deliver only quality games for users. With this in mind they have picked their selection from the most popular and certified software providers to guarantee safety and fairness to everyone. Furthermore, since fruit machines imply video slots then they do their utmost to provide an eye-catching design and interface for players.

And, finally, you can also enjoy a wide range of fruit slots at Classy Slots casino. This casino supports different providers and is available for players from different countries such as England, New Zealand, Canada and Australia, to mention but a few.

What is more important is the fact that this casino has to offer some free spins and bonuses when playing fruit machines. Everything is easy. All you need is just to see three special fruit symbols with one central payline that displays either win or loss.

If you are risky enough, you should try their bet max option with multiple paylines at the same time. In case you win you will be eligible to get a huge jackpot at your disposal. So, there is no point in saying that these machines are here to bring only small changes.


Compatibility of fruit machine games with mobile devices

When it comes to playing fruit slot machines you can choose even your smartphone to satisfy your gambling desire. In this way, all gaming processes will be available anywhere and anytime on the go.

So, you can choose any of the online casinos, as an example just pick out one from the offered by us above and download a mobile app to download or just instant play on your phone. All the rules, bonus games and winnings are the same as in the traditional way.

Moreover, the lifeblood of fruit game machine slots is graphic. Be sure that this feature is enhanced at times on mobile and tablet devices. The interface is as simple and easy-to-use as possible and you will not waste your time on unnecessary things and can get right into playing itself.


Our summary

To sum up, fruit machine slots stay popular for such a long period of time and have many positive features to keep you tuned for hours by playing these slots. The main advantage of them is simplicity. With this in mind it is no matter what kind of experience you have in the gambling era. You will feel at home when playing any funny fruit slot machines.

Another feature is, of course, fruits. Let us be true, who of us doesn’t like fruits like bananas, apples, cherries, oranges, to name but a few? So, you can be sure that all the games will impress you with brightness and keep you tuned for a long time in this way. The most popular fruity-themes slots you can find in certain online casinos, mentioned above. Even though the mechanism of playing these machines doesn’t really differ from one gambling platform to another, there are a few casinos that display the best offers of fruit slots you need to pay attention to.

This mechanism looks like three reels with one payline located in the center of a display that shows either win or loss. Moreover, if you are ready to try something risky you can always click on the bet max label, the main feature of which is higher payouts and multiple paylines. In case you are lucky enough, you can triple your winnings and hit a maximum jackpot in this kind of game.

In our opinion, it is nice that many online casinos display a huge number of fruit machine slots at players’ disposal. It can help experienced users to feel like in a real land-based casino and indulge in nostalgia.

Last but not least, all these games are available on your smartphone as well. So, you can enjoy an enhanced graphic and appealing sounds playing slots even on the go. There are classic fruit slot machines for sale with three reels and one payline for true pioneer lovers. Another kind of these games is more advanced ones like slots with 5 and 6 reels with multiple lines. In a last way you have higher winning chances and more cash paid out to your balance in case of win. However, no matter what fruit machine slots you choose to play you will receive much enjoyment and entertainment anyway via both desktop and mobile from wherever you are in the world.